Will WMEX go silent forever?

Rob Landry 011010001@interpring.com
Mon Jul 3 08:48:50 EDT 2017

On Sun, 2 Jul 2017, Bob Nelson wrote:

> On Friday June 30 at 6 pm, WMEX 1510 fell silent.The transmitter lease 
> was apparently not renewed and it sounds like Daly LLC is exiting the 
> Boston airwaves.There was said to be a new owner waiting but so far no 
> official word.No word yet of a temporary silent authorization.Will the 
> FCC delete the frequency and calls eventually? Or will someone step 
> forward and buy a station with no current transmitter site or 
> agreement...AM radio with a signal that goes out to sea? Will Salem step 
> up, or maybe iHeart..or who?

My guess is that 1510 will go the way of 990 in Providence. The call 
letters may show up elsewhere on the dial.

As I understand it, 1510 has not made a dime in profit since it moved to 
Waltham. It's been an albatross arouund the neck of successive owners, and 
the only ones making money from it have been the Duffy brothers, who are 
1510's landlords.

Unless it can be moved elsewhere, 1510 is probably history.


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