Rich Chadwick
Tue Jan 10 12:47:28 EST 2017

TiVo always had the best guide with the deepest details.  X1 Noe seems to have added a db of famous movie quotes to search on. 

> On Jan 9, 2017, at 10:58 PM, Mark Laurence <> wrote:
>> On Jan 9, 2017, at 9:11 PM, Garrett Wollman <> wrote:
>> Last year, as a part of their merger with $I_FORGET, TiVo switched EPG
>> data providers.  They had been using Tribune (hmmm, is this Tronc
>> now?) but the new provider is part of the same corporate ownership as
>> TiVo is now -- however, their data is significantly lower in quality.
>> I'm not surprised it took them a week to change...
> My TiVo had the correct programming information for NBC Boston HD on day one, except for the logo as it's still putting the peacock on channel 7. I own a TiVo Roamio with an RCN cable card.  They were mixed up on the SD channel but I can't blame TiVo for that. RCN initially decided to put WBTS-LD (SD) on channel 8 but at the last minute switched it to channel 10. 
> I haven't noticed any problems with data. Sometimes I'm amazed that it picks up an actor on my wish list who has a tiny role in a movie, which it records.

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