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Sat Jan 7 13:33:05 EST 2017

Bob Nelson wrote,

 > It's a bunch of confusion with the likes of channel numbers,
 > virtual ones, or cable ones.


 > NBCBoston is saying "Ch 10 on most providers" but there are
 > various channel locations between Ch 8 WBTS, Ch 60 in NH for
 > those over the air, and a subchannel of WMFP 62..and yet we
 > hear they're on 60.5 not 62.5..?

Ahhh, the joys of remapping!  P=)

Yes, “NBCBoston” is sent to WMFPʼs RF-Ch.18.5 and remapped to 
Vir-Ch.60.5, not 62.5—unlike most stations that offset the 
remapping (e.g., Vir-Ch.##.1 = RF-Ch.##.3), WMFP remaps 
RF-Ch.##.N to Vir-Ch.##.N—at WMFP:62ʼs xmtr in Newton, not 
WNEU:60ʼs (RF-Ch.34) xmtr up in NH.
Upon further observation and reflection since my last post, given 
that some to most secondary stations screen ID—not the legal, TOH 
ID, but the PSIP Ch. ID—as the network, not the CALLs (e.g., 
“Ch.7-2, This-TV”), forget any pretext about promoting WBTS-LD or 
WNEU....Except for the primary station (if FCC required), just 
use the hostʼs virtual channel number and “NBC” or “NBCBos”: 
“Ch.8-1, NBCBos” (or “Ch.8-1, WBTS-LD”), “Ch.60-2, NBCBos” and 
“Ch.62-5, NBCBos”.
At least until the dust settles with the auctions, quiet period 
and channel reassignments and NBC decides what it wants to own 
here in the long term.


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