Garrett Wollman
Mon Jan 9 21:11:56 EST 2017

<<On Sun, 8 Jan 2017 14:51:18 -0500, Larry Sochrin <> said:

> In the meantime, the TIVO program guide currently shows the peacock
> logo with the word NBC as the identifier for 7.1, and shows WMFPDT5
> as the identifier for 60.5.  But since they’ve got the program times
> and names right, and programs now record correctly, I’ll not point
> that out to them.

TiVo now identifies Comcast chanel 810 as "WBTS-LD", although I doubt
that's too meaningful to the average consumer, and has the NBC
schedule on it.

Last year, as a part of their merger with $I_FORGET, TiVo switched EPG
data providers.  They had been using Tribune (hmmm, is this Tronc
now?) but the new provider is part of the same corporate ownership as
TiVo is now -- however, their data is significantly lower in quality.
I'm not surprised it took them a week to change: probably didn't
bother to do anything until they started receiving complaints from
paying customers.


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