Moose Radio Not Transmitting

Attorney Chase
Sun Aug 20 13:53:25 EDT 2017

Ah the vagaries of the rating systems. Summer is the time the moose are out 
growing their antlers and showing off for the tourists. Since they aren't 
listening to the radio what's the point of broadcasting stuff to them? Wait 
until fall when the rut reports become available and the bulls and the cows 
start using it again to find each other to make calves. Then hopefully Fish 
and Game will have it return as a public service to the moose to encourage 
the proliferation of the herds. <GRIN> *


* Written in the style of Emily Litella played by the late, great, Gilda 
Radner on Saturday Night Live.

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> Subject: Moose Radio not transmitting
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> When I drove into Pittsburg, NH from Quebec the other day, a sign on US
> 3 urged drivers to tune to 1610 AM for information, so I turned on my
> car's medium-wave receiver to check it out. Instead of a transmission in
> English or French, though, I heard an unfamiliar language.
> Based on the area-514 phone number announced in a commercial, I assume I
> was hearing the noon Hindi news on CHRN Montreal (1000 w), barely
> audible at 114 miles.? The signal became weaker over the next few
> minutes and was gone soon. It's one of several signals in a network
> transmitting programs in South Asian languages: ?
> The non-transmitting Travelers Information Station from NH Fish & Game
> is billed in the FCC database as WQHY753, "Moose Radio Route 3", with a
> location slightly north of the 45th parallel.
> --RC

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