Moose Radio Not Transmitting

Rob Landry
Wed Aug 23 06:42:11 EDT 2017

On Sun, 20 Aug 2017, Attorney Chase wrote:

> Ah the vagaries of the rating systems. Summer is the time the moose are out
> growing their antlers and showing off for the tourists. Since they aren't
> listening to the radio what's the point of broadcasting stuff to them? Wait
> until fall when the rut reports become available and the bulls and the cows
> start using it again to find each other to make calves. Then hopefully Fish
> and Game will have it return as a public service to the moose to encourage
> the proliferation of the herds. <GRIN> *

Moose and squirrel must die. That's what the short fellow with the 
mustache told me the other day when he shut off the transmitter.


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