Valley 98.9

Wed Apr 12 10:38:49 EDT 2017

I'm OK with the limited local service on some of the AM's and their FM 
translators and OK with the jukebox. At least they are still on the air--and 
now playing music on FM in many cases.

Mr. Fuller has a 250 watt FM translator (WACM AM) playing 60's-70's-80's 
oldies in West Springfield and similar setups near Hartford and New London. 
Since WDRC sold out a few years ago we have at least 4 full power FM's 
(WDRC, WAQY, WPLR, WHCN) with nearly identical progressive leaning classic 
rock limited playlist formats in the Hartford-New Haven-Springfield markets 
so, I'm VERY happy to have a station that has a much wider playlist. (WACM 
1270 & it's FM translator on 100.1).

There are a couple of local/regional jocks on the station, some voice 
tracked shows, along with some jukebox type programs, and occasionally some 
older Casey Kasem and Wolfman Jack shows. I've heard it on in some stores 
and a lot of folks are listening to it.

The over 55 demo often gets ignored by advertisers, but we buy more new cars 
and spend more money at restaurants than most other groups.

Mark Casey
near Springfield

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Don wrote:

>While it's nice to hear some of the songs......the station seems like
another another famous un-manned jukebox.
>I don't know if this is a service, satellite or music network...but there
doesn't see to be any human connection with this radio station.

It seems that many stations run these 10,000 songs in a row commercial free
promotions jockless, to get folks hooked. Most times the station will have
live jocks at least in drive times, live, voice tracked or automated outside
of drive times after the commercial free music run ends.  I wouldn't be
surprised to hear live or voice tracked voices on Valley 98.9 soon.

Mark Watson

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