Valley 98.9

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Wed Apr 12 11:57:45 EDT 2017

The Kool Oldies network John fuller runs is entirely voicetracked, even AM


On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 7:56 AM M.Casey <> wrote:

> I'm OK with the limited local service on some of the AM's and their FM
> translators and OK with the jukebox. At least they are still on the
> air--and
> now playing music on FM in many cases.
> Mr. Fuller has a 250 watt FM translator (WACM AM) playing 60's-70's-80's
> oldies in West Springfield and similar setups near Hartford and New London.
> Since WDRC sold out a few years ago we have at least 4 full power FM's
> (WDRC, WAQY, WPLR, WHCN) with nearly identical progressive leaning classic
> rock limited playlist formats in the Hartford-New Haven-Springfield markets
> so, I'm VERY happy to have a station that has a much wider playlist. (WACM
> 1270 & it's FM translator on 100.1).
> There are a couple of local/regional jocks on the station, some voice
> tracked shows, along with some jukebox type programs, and occasionally some
> older Casey Kasem and Wolfman Jack shows. I've heard it on in some stores
> and a lot of folks are listening to it.
> The over 55 demo often gets ignored by advertisers, but we buy more new
> cars
> and spend more money at restaurants than most other groups.
> Mark Casey
> near Springfield
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> Don wrote:
> >While it's nice to hear some of the songs......the station seems like
> another another famous un-manned jukebox.
> >I don't know if this is a service, satellite or music network...but there
> doesn't see to be any human connection with this radio station.
> It seems that many stations run these 10,000 songs in a row commercial free
> promotions jockless, to get folks hooked. Most times the station will have
> live jocks at least in drive times, live, voice tracked or automated
> outside
> of drive times after the commercial free music run ends.  I wouldn't be
> surprised to hear live or voice tracked voices on Valley 98.9 soon.
> Mark Watson
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