Thu Nov 10 12:29:34 EST 2016

From: "A Joseph Ross" <>

>I mostly followed CNN.  What I liked was that they were able to break down 
>a state by counties and say where the still-uncounted votes were.

Maybe it's me...but I got tired of the endless math and county by county 
zooming in...

I liked when the coverage could talk about "trends"....and trying to make 
sense of what was happenning.

Personally, I ended up on FNC a lot, to hear the commentary of what was 
unfolding...and why.  (Again, I thought CBS had the most booooring 
coverage.)  I know a lot of people think of FNC's Brett Bair as a 
lightweight, maybe because of his sort of gentle voice, but he seemed to 
handle live TV well and have a handle of the nuance's of the data.

I did turn to the BBC Channel a few times...and they were discussing with 
some amusement the US election rules that throw it into the house of 
representatives...they all looked amused at this rule.

(As a side note, it's interesting that all the US news outlets all have very 
photogenic men and women on with perfect hair makeup and clothes and the BBC 
didn't seem to value that....I got the feeling these were much more "working 
journalist" who just came in from the newsroom to deliver some peice of 
news, etc.)


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