Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Thu Nov 10 17:58:48 EST 2016

We carried the BBC World Service for an hour or so after hours of NPR
coverage and 2 hours of statewide coverage that was somewhat abysmal


On Thursday, November 10, 2016, Don <> wrote:

> From: "A Joseph Ross" <>
> I mostly followed CNN.  What I liked was that they were able to break down
>> a state by counties and say where the still-uncounted votes were.
> Maybe it's me...but I got tired of the endless math and county by county
> zooming in...
> I liked when the coverage could talk about "trends"....and trying to make
> sense of what was happenning.
> Personally, I ended up on FNC a lot, to hear the commentary of what was
> unfolding...and why.  (Again, I thought CBS had the most booooring
> coverage.)  I know a lot of people think of FNC's Brett Bair as a
> lightweight, maybe because of his sort of gentle voice, but he seemed to
> handle live TV well and have a handle of the nuance's of the data.
> I did turn to the BBC Channel a few times...and they were discussing with
> some amusement the US election rules that throw it into the house of
> representatives...they all looked amused at this rule.
> (As a side note, it's interesting that all the US news outlets all have
> very photogenic men and women on with perfect hair makeup and clothes and
> the BBC didn't seem to value that....I got the feeling these were much more
> "working journalist" who just came in from the newsroom to deliver some
> peice of news, etc.)
> ;-)

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