FM E-skip receiption tonight (7/15/2016)

Matthew Osborne
Fri Jul 15 21:40:04 EDT 2016

Well I don't recall seeing anything like this on the list lately, but tonight (7/15/2016) at about 8:00 PM I noticed there was some e-skip occurring on FM.  From my apartment in Valatie NY, I was able to positively identify reception of the following:
 KBDZ 93.1 Perryville, MOKSPQ 93.9 West Plains, MOKGMO 100.7 Cape Girardeau, MO
I also picked up a station with a CHR format on 92.5 that I was not able to positively identify.  Judging by the area of the country I received the other stations from, I believe it was KSYN Joplin, MO.
Then, as soon as the sun set at about 9:00 PM, all of the e-skip faded out and it was back to normal FM reception.  I didn't realize that daylight was a prerequisite for e-skip to occur (or am I mistaken?)
Anyone else happen to notice any unusual FM reception tonight?
Matt OsborneValatie, NY

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