Where is Ed Carroll?

Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Sat Jan 31 16:29:51 EST 2015

<<On Sat, 31 Jan 2015 12:25:49 -0500, "Don" <Donald_Astelle@Yahoo.com>
quoted Kevin Cullen's Globe column:

> "In the meantime, I've been surfing through the channels, and it occurs to 
> me that I don't even know any of the weather people anymore, except maybe 
> Harvey Leonard. What the flip happened? JC Monahan's a news anchor now. 
> Where's Ed Carroll? Ed's from Quincy, for cripesake." 

Mike Wankum's been around for as long as I've lived here -- he was at
56 when I moved to Boston and he's now at 5, in addition to doing
motorcycle racing and some .  And Barry "Hairicane" Burbank is still
around, currently doing weekends on 4.

(And it occurs to me that I know some of these people more by quirks
of their accents than anything else.  There was a woman on 56 whose
name I have since forgotten -- she got sent to the beach when Ansin
acquired 56 and never made it back AFAIK -- who always said "hut"
rather than "hot".  If I were a dialectologist I could probably
pinpoint where she was from.)

But the rest of them -- I don't often watch local TV news, and when I
was tuning around during the blizzard this past week, all I could
think was "who *are* these people?"  Guess that whole business about
the Boston TV audience being loyal to their local TV personalities was
just a bunch of hooey.[1]


[1] I will have been here for 21 years next Valentine's Day.  What
fraction of the current Boston DMA population either wasn't here or
wasn't alive yet when I moved to town?  I'm betting it's pretty
substantial.  Hard to be loyal to someone you never knew.

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