Where is Ed Carroll?

Don Donald_Astelle@Yahoo.com
Sat Jan 31 12:25:49 EST 2015

Kevin Cullen mentioned some meteorologists in his Globe column on Tuesday, 
and wondered aloud where Ed Carroll is these days.  I didn't realize he was 
from Quincy.  Wasn't he part of one of the network morning shows before he 
came to Boston?

I thought I haeard he went to Springfield, after WBZ...which was quite a 
step down from doing a national morning show....however, might have been a 
good pit stop if he was from Quincy.


"In the meantime, I've been surfing through the channels, and it occurs to 
me that I don't even know any of the weather people anymore, except maybe 
Harvey Leonard. What the flip happened? JC Monahan's a news anchor now. 
Where's Ed Carroll? Ed's from Quincy, for cripesake." 

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