Eli Polonsky elipolo881@gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 14:24:53 EST 2015

I would guess that they're trying to get better coverage to
Lawrence, Lowell and the inland Merrimack Valley, where
there is
also significant Brazilian and other ethnic population.
The Beverly signal
 the coast, and

The Brazilian community in the Framingham and Marlborough
area is already served by Alex Langer's 650 WSRO, unless they
​are planning to compete with them.​


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> I've read the engineering attachment for the WNNW move. It's a
> non-directional facility, day and night, 50 KW day and 460 W night.
> Their goal is probably to get better coverage of Framingham and
> Marlborough, where much of the Brazilian community lives.
> Rob

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