WWBZ 700, WFNX 99.9 "vote for format"

J.E.Schuyler mrschuyler@aol.com
Thu May 29 09:32:30 EDT 2014

Glenn Spatola wrote:
"I am truly amazed that they were allowed to use the WWBZ call letters in an 
area where WBZ is well known, and where its signal easily reaches!  That's 
bound to confuse some listeners."
Not really. They ID only once an hour, there's no reason to tune to 700 as long as it simulcasts, and they've changed calls so often that confusion must have given way to apathy long ago.
Confuse listeners?  WHAT listeners?   AM 700 is such a long-neglected non-entity and so far from Boston CBS didn't care enough to object to the call letter change.
Also, a minor point of order.  WFNX is licensed to Athol, which is in the northwest corner of Worcester County (and the Boston TV market), but WWBZ Orange is at the eastern edge of Franklin County (and the Springfield market).  These neighboring towns are not exactly bursting with ad dollars, most of which quite rightly flow into the Athol Daily News and WJDF 97.3.  The best way to make money off this combo is to sell it, which may be what this sudden flurry of activity may be about.
~~~J. E. Schuyler

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