WWBZ 700, WFNX 99.9 "vote for format"

J.E.Schuyler mrschuyler@aol.com
Fri May 30 10:57:48 EDT 2014

Laurence Glaven wrote:

Sell the station?  With regard to AM 700, it's possible they'd get a higher 
return by selling
the metals in the tower and ground system.  I recently checked Monex for the 
price of gold to 
see if it might explain why Glenn Beck is in tears do often.  That metal may be 
declining in price,
but others seem to be rising.  The prevalence of copper thieves at transmitter 
sites my indicate 
the market for that metal is holding steady at least.

I wouldn't argue, but there's a catch:  it appears American Tower owns the structure behind the unmanned studio building, which in turn needs to have the surrounding foot-high grass and weeds mowed.

~~~J. E. Schuyler


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