'WMVY' Edgartown, Cape Cod, returns to the air, as WMEX

J.E.Schuyler mrschuyler@aol.com
Fri May 23 18:05:10 EDT 2014

Dennis Jackson may be moving the WMEX calls back to Rochester, NH, where his commercial FM used them for years, but I'd think his reasons would be (1) he obviously loves those calls and wants to use them, and (2) they may bring more visibility to the LPFM there.  But IIRC, that won't really "park" them. A full service AM or FM owned by someone else could still be WMEX (AM) or WMEX-FM as long as the "-LP" is attached to them in Rochester, and without so much as a courtesy request.

At least, I THINK that's how it's different for LPFMs.  If so, I'd like to see one start up in the Springfield, Massachusetts area and call itself WWLP-LP.


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