'WMVY' Edgartown, Cape Cod, returns to the air, as WMEX

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Fri May 23 20:44:44 EDT 2014

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>From: A Joseph Ross <joe@attorneyross.com>
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>Subject: Re: 'WMVY' Edgartown, Cape Cod, returns 
>to the air, as WMEX
>OK, what's the unique format that all these 
>machinations are for?

'MVY's format is an eclectic version of what is 
called "AAA" or "Triple-A", meaning "Adult Album 

The definition of the "AAA" format from the radio 
station search engine radio-locator.com is: "AAA
stations target an adult audience with a large 
variety of music that hovers on the fringe of 
mainstream pop and rock, including Americana, 
alternative rock, alternative country, blues, 
folk and world music. The selections stay away 
from rap or any of the 'hard stuff'."

The greater Boston area "AAA" station is 92.5 WXRV 
"The River", but that is a more tightly playlisted 
version than 'MVY.

Formatted college station WERS and college-based 
professional Public Radio station WUMB are also two 
different flavors of "AAA" at least during their 
weekday programming, WERS leaning more toward 
"alternative rock", and WUMB more toward roots, 
Americana, folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter, etc...


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