WWBZ 700, WFNX 99.9 "vote for format"

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 >I don't know where
> you'd tune now to hear the Sox if you're in Athol or Orange. WVEI sure
> doesn't get there, and Entercom doesn't seem to care.

>WTIC 1080. I think TIC has had the Sox games since Marconi was a boy. Back in the days when I was at WWBZ (CAT) we aired DAY games. I never did figure out how Partridge >managed to convince the network to let us broadcast less than 1/3rd of a season schedule, but they did. But most of us tuned in WTIC, since they aired every Red Sox game all >season, even back in 1980. Second strongest AM signal in Orange, not counting 700. WBZ is the strongest, TIC the next strongest, and although nobody's listening to it, WIZZ  >(WGAM/WPOE) 1520 Greenfield. At night, strongest is WWKB Buffalo, hands down.
 >And once again, I go off topic... all by accident! LOL

Of course, with the call letters WIZZ, you'd expect the station to have streaming audio, and it does.
So does WHIZ-FM in Ohio, but apparently WHIZ-AM doesn't.

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