WWBZ 700 & WFNX 99.9

Paul B. Walker, Jr. walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 16:27:03 EDT 2014

Has anyone ever figured out WHY Steve Silberberg owns these stations? He
can't currently nor can he ever really have made much money from them.

What did he gain by them simulcasting 92.5 The River?

What exactly is the point in him owning them?

This isn't the biggest pile o' junk he owns. Silberberg also owns this:

As a Class A, it covers 6000 people. As A Class C 100KW FM it might cover
8000 people.

It's nothing but 80s music back to back to back with no liners, id's,
commercials, promos.. nothing..... I wouldnt be surprised if it's an IPod
at the transmitter site on a hill outside of town


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