Looking for honest answers on this

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>> I'd love to see someone do the experiment and stop running the spots
>> in long, predictable stop sets.  If you're running 12 units an hour,
>> what would happen if you ran one or two units every five minutes,
>> rather than six in a row twice an hour?

> Some research has indeed been done...leading to what we hear today:

> http://www.colemaninsights.com/cms/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/The-Impact-of-Commercials-on-the-Radio-Audience-September-2006.pdf

>>>Eight years ago, It's a different landscape

How has it changed?

>>and in a single market... 

Should it be different in any other major market?

>>And in any case, they didn't actually do the
>>experiment, they just measured listening to existing commercial

And how people respond to those commercials.  The conclusion being that playing the first commercial is the biggest threat to continued listenership....but there isn't much difference between playing 3, 6 or 8 after that.

This led to the thinking that fewer and longer stopsets were more effective.

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