Real Names of Disc Jockeys and other tales...

Linc Reed-Nickerson
Fri May 17 01:44:08 EDT 2013

At WKIP in Poughkeepsie there was Johnny Walker, I. W. Harper, and other 
alcohol based names. even Bill Booze on the weekends (Ed Wroblewski), 
"Music and News with Bill Booze."  I thought the name was funny until I 
met a man who really is Bill Boos.  The fellow at WKIP got fired for 
playing sound effects during the religious transcriptions...  yes, they 
really were 16" diameter E T's.  When E T meant electrical Transcription.

On another of topic, I dropped into our local theater tonight to witness 
the new video projector....  I was a projectionist back in the days of 
Carbon Arcs and Reel Changes, I even worked in one booth that still had 
a turntable run by a shaft and flexible couplings from the days when 
sound was on 16" E.T's.  The first time I was in a booth with Dolby CD's 
synced to the time code on the film I marveled at how we had come full 

One of my high school science fair projects (1962) was "Video Disc 
Recording."  I didn't win, it was considered impracticable if not 
impossible, and no one could see a use for such a device.   I built a 
crude very low resolution system using an old record lathe arm to move 
the magnetic head across the spinning media.  I got media in sheet form 
from 3M,  it would run backwards, and sort of freeze frame if I got 
lucky.....  it did spend a lot of time out-of-lock and would tear up 
media.  Less than a decade later I was operating an Ampex Slo-Mo device 
that was very similar, damn I wish I had known about intellectual 
property back then.

Another idea, a moving map display for your car, but my version would 
have required marker transmitters every 10th of a mile or so.... That 
idea was even earlier, I'd guess about 1956 or 7.  That never went 
beyond some crude drawings in my notebook when I should have been doing 
schoolwork.  No matter, it is great to see your dreams turn into realities.

I wax nostalgic ;-)

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