Real Names of Disc Jockeys

Linc Reed-Nickerson
Thu May 16 23:24:02 EDT 2013

Donn Donn Parker from WMEX and later WKBR was Murray Pressman, he 
legally changed his name to Donn Murray Parker.  Tom Shovan told me 
about the name change, and when I mentioned it to Donn he went ballistic!

OK, me too, I was Nick Scott on WKBR, then WEMJ and finally WNPB (do we 
see a trend down market here;-)   After the Army, when I returned to 
WNBP, while working evenings as a Technician at WBZ-TV I used my real 
name, Leighton Nickerson....  I found I got much more recognition....

Everybody called me Nick, until I had a summer tech at WBZ start calling 
me Linc....  which stuck, since he introduced me to an interim wife...  
but now I'm Linc Reed-Nickerson.  Got hyphenated about 35 years ago when 
I married Joan Reed (life long wife)

I almost didn't get hired as Engineering Manager at WDIV in Detroit, 
when they checked with folks at WBZ they still remembered me as Nick.

Trivia... if you meet someone named Leighton, first name, it is very 
likely they can trace their roots to Nova Scotia.


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