Real Names of Disk Jockeys

Bob Nelson
Sat May 18 09:55:42 EDT 2013

If we can talk initials; not sure but I think "J.W." of Country 102.5
stands for John Willis --and I believe his father John Willis Sr. was
co-host of the old Good Day show on Ch. 5. In the 90s WMWM had a Sunday
morning country show, "Country Express" hosted by Gayla Willis and she told
me she was

One Doug Goudie went to work for Howie Carr eventually becoming the show's
co-producer and getting a show of his own, "The Pit", before departing WRKO
for Ch 25. One day he and Howie were talking off air and Doug was making
fun of Howie's married life. Howie said he replied, "Well I've never seen
you with a woman. You're just a...Virgin Boy." (Goudie is now married
himself.) Thus the "V.B." nickname he still uses at Fox 25 Morning News,
though for awhile on 'RKO he said it stood for Victor
Bravo. Admittedly for awhile there was a second Doug on Fox 25 Morning
News, Doug Meehan, and maybe they figured two "Dougs" would confuse people.
Or maybe people just knew him from Howie's show as "V.B."

Then there's "Sandy" from Howie's show, who was Nancy Shack (don't know
her married name). It has something to do with a "Sandy" in Jerry Williams'

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