Real Names of Disc Jockeys (Bob Nelson) (and others)

Alan Tolz
Thu May 16 20:20:04 EDT 2013

Jerry Williams was Gerald Jacoby.  He changed his name legally in 1946 to work in Bristol, VA/TN.

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On May 16, 2013, at 12:13 PM, Eli Sherer <> wrote:

> Oedi started using Oedipus as a character name well before he started at
> BCN. It was just something to create an image. There were plenty of people
> at BCN (and many more stations) who use single "image" names to this day.
> Arthur McTague was indeed Kevin O'Keefe as well as one of the many Dan
> Donovans who passed through WMEX (and other places). Kevin (he and I flew
> together for a number of years, and I can never, ever, call him Arthur),
> said that back in the day, the idea of a guy with a Scottish name
> broadcasting in Irish Boston would just not fly (no pun intended).
> I myself ended up with Eliot Andrews when I changed traffic companies, and
> the new stations did not want me to use the same name as I had before (they
> wanted brand exclusivity). But soon, I was on 9 stations using Eliot
> Andrews, and only when we picked up 'BCN did I finally get to go back and
> use my own name again.
>> Ed Hyson of WBCN: Oedipus.
>> * Bill Buchanan, when he wrote a radio column in the Daily Record, used to*>* like to reveal the real names of DJs.  There was an Arthur McTigue (sp?),*>* who, he said, was both Dan Donovan and Kevin O'Keefe.*
> -Eli

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