Real Names of Disc Jockeys (Bob Nelson) (and others)

Eli Sherer
Thu May 16 12:13:00 EDT 2013

Oedi started using Oedipus as a character name well before he started at
BCN. It was just something to create an image. There were plenty of people
at BCN (and many more stations) who use single "image" names to this day.

Arthur McTague was indeed Kevin O'Keefe as well as one of the many Dan
Donovans who passed through WMEX (and other places). Kevin (he and I flew
together for a number of years, and I can never, ever, call him Arthur),
said that back in the day, the idea of a guy with a Scottish name
broadcasting in Irish Boston would just not fly (no pun intended).

I myself ended up with Eliot Andrews when I changed traffic companies, and
the new stations did not want me to use the same name as I had before (they
wanted brand exclusivity). But soon, I was on 9 stations using Eliot
Andrews, and only when we picked up 'BCN did I finally get to go back and
use my own name again.

> Ed Hyson of WBCN: Oedipus.

>* Bill Buchanan, when he wrote a radio column in the Daily Record, used to*>* like to reveal the real names of DJs.  There was an Arthur McTigue (sp?),*>* who, he said, was both Dan Donovan and Kevin O'Keefe.*


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