Universal Sports (was: FS1)

Jim Hall aerie.ma@comcast.net
Tue Mar 26 09:43:25 EDT 2013

I think in the Boston area, Universal Sports was broadcast on WBIN digital,
so it was carried by Comcast. Comcast dropped it when WBIN stopped carrying
it, however. Now, since Comcast owns NBC-Universal, I can't imagine why they
dropped one of their own channels. My mom follows figure skating, and most
of the preliminaries for the national and international competitions are on
NBC-Universal, with only the edited finals on NBC itself where she can watch
them. The funny thing is, the Universal Sports website has a link to "demand
Universal Sports from your provider", when the company that owns them is one
of the largest providers.

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Universal Sports was pulled from WVIT New Britain-Hartford's digital
subchannels -- and thus, from Cox cable -- at the same time here in
Connecticut. I'm not sure the channel is on any cable system anymore. It may
be strictly a satellite and internet subscription-only offering. If it's not
being offered to Comcast systems, I can't see it being offered anywhere
I liked Universal Sports, although it did tend to rerun events over and over
and over, and the third- and fourth-string NBC announcing talent announcing
most of the events (it was like listening to student sportscasters on
college radio at times) obviously never left New York and was just dubbing
commentary over feeds from overseas sites.

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