Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 11:35:40 EDT 2013

In some ways it could be possible though talk is declining. The loss
of WTKK does create an opening, though. Keep in mind of course that
the signal isn't as powerful as WTKK
was but it is right in Boston and reaches much of the area within 128.
For those outside of that area, they have WTAG Worcester, WHJJ
Providence, and WGIR Manchester NH
(WQSO Dover NH now simulcasts them)

> The best thing that Clear Channel could do now is go talk on 101.7.

The standard CC talker is local in morning drive, then Beck, Rush,
Hannity, maybe Mark
Levin or Andy Dean, etc. and finally Coast to Coast overnight. RKO now
has Rush, Levin,
and Coast to Coast. There are some syndie shows from Fox News talk
(John Gibson, Kilmeade and Friends), Cumulus, Talk Radio Network, etc.
not being heard. Savage is with Cumulus now I think, and Ingraham is
with Courtside Entertainment.

1200 didn't work out for them despite the signal improvements. 101.7
has the advantage of being on FM (and most people listen to FM). If
they wanted these shows cleared and felt they could get a good demo
and make some money, I could see it, but not so sure they'd be willing
to try it again. (If they did do it, they'd probably have to hire at
least one local host...Jeff Katz is available.) CC also syndicates Fox
Sports Radio which is currently without a home in Boston but would a
_fifth_ station (WEEI, WEEI-FM, WBZ-FM,
WUFC) do anything here aside from clearing shows like J.T. The Brick?

Mark of BRW was telling me that younger people don't care about "topic
radio". We saw
how WTKK was suffering (and some say "they weren't conservative
enough" or "it was
too much lifestyle radio"). If they did go talk they could get some OK
ratings and make
a bit of money, and indeed provide competition for Entercom, but I'm
not so sure they'll
take the plunge. CC does have one spoken word outlet here, though it's an LMA:
WXKS 1200 with Bloomberg Radio.

Of course talk is also heard on WBZ radio 8 pm till 5 am or something
(plus some shows
on WGBH including Eagan and Braude, WBUR, etc.) And for the prog talk fans,
maybe the likes of Schulz, Hartmann, Steph Miller etc. might work out
but it depends
on ratings and demos. Being on FM would be an advantage but would
political talk be the best solution for 101.7 right now?

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