D. A. donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Mon Mar 25 21:20:30 EDT 2013

> > The best thing that Clear Channel could do now is go
> > talk on 101.7.
> 1200 didn't work out for them despite the signal
> improvements. If
> they wanted these shows cleared and felt they could get a
> good demo
> and make some money, I could see it, but not so sure they'd
> be willing
> to try it again. 

Well, first of all 1200AM had no night signal in about 40% of the market.  They were, in effect a daytimer.

Second, on 1200AM they had no access to younger demographics.  

Right now "Evolution 101.7" doesn't seem to serve any purpose.

Clearing the syndicated shows that are not cleared in the Boston market now, serves *some* purpose.  Doesn't have to do well ratings wise.

Plus, whatever audience they garner would be from Entercom/WRKO/WEEI.

Clear the syndicated shows....and maybe simulcast Matty for Morning Drive?  

Sound like a better plan for 101.7.  

After all, what advertiser is going to buy station #23.  And how low would the rates have to be for station #23.  

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