FDR Fireside Chat Reference In Scott's Tower Calendar

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Last point no matter who responds!

Peter: At least they didn't have any obnoxious talk radio show hosts who 
created and keep going this phony brouhaha either. The essence of my comment 
has to do with how talk radio has ceased to be a force for social good and 
all sorts of propaganda shenanigans have gone on in the name of free speech 
but actually is yellow journalism designed to get ratings. At least with the 
Fairness Doctrine radio stations were required every now and then, 
especially in their news and in times of emergency to operate in the public 
interest and a socially responsible way. Tell me how Fox is "fair and 
balanced" and I'll show you a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

Joe: I didn't say the CSA combatants were guided by the US Constitution 
(which by the way hadn't applied the 14th's due process to the states at 
that point since the 14th wasn't enacted until after the final surrenders), 
I said they would be guided by their own CSA Constitution which did included 
it and apparently did. (See previous link to cite 
http://www.usconstitution.net/csa.html#A1Sec9  ) USA combatants of course 
were bound by the US Constitution.

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> Fascinating, but they didn't have any radio in the South. Or in the North,
> for that matter! :)
> -Peter

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> Yes, but the USA didn't recognize the CSA and was not bound by the CSA
> constitution.
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