Anybody home at WTEN ??

Bob Nelson
Sun Jun 16 06:03:03 EDT 2013

Was anyone home at WEEI-FM last night? Just after 1 am I lay in bed and after having listened to Sports Hub for awhile, I tuned to 93.7 to find they were doing both a local talk show AND ESPN at the same time. Whomever was running the board apparently had both pots up and for about 5 minutes at least, maybe 10 (I gave up) it was two shows at once. I mentioned it on twitter and facebook.

There have been times during J.T. the Brick where they run both an ad or promo from Fox Sports and their own
spot at the same time and it lasts a minute or so but this ran for maybe 5-10...and I turned the radio off...
Another time I was in the Hartford area and WPOP 1410 was supposed to have a Yankees game on but it was rained out. So WPOP promptly continunes to run a simulcast of WCBS 880 with news, etc. for several minutes till finally someone showed up (out for a sandwich?) and abruptly switched it to ESPN (this was before they launched the 97.9 in Windsor Locks...)

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