Evolving METV-cables eventual downfall

Chris Hall chris2526@comcast.net
Mon Jun 17 03:14:22 EDT 2013

Anyone else notice METV is evolving into a very well done product, the production quality and on air promotion have taken on a very imaginative and polished look and feel with an excellent variety of shows.  As a result both WMUR and WCVB are loaded with quality local and national spots almost no PI or low class advertisers. Most importantly they don’t cut program episodes to shreds.
TV-Land should be renamed waste-land for running a full weekend of Friends, a show that if you watched the first season you saw 
everything next next 9 seasons had to offer. Same 80’s and 90’s shows recycled on every cable channel, they are just moved around 
and around or simulcast at staggered intervals like The Golden Girls on TV Land, Hallmark, LOGO sometimes an episode or two 
behind.  If people really start cutting the cable in droves its not like they didn’t ask for it, too many needless channels at too high
a price. To get Turner Classic movies I have to take a package of 20 sports channels I don’t watch or care about, how slimy can the cable
companies be. Too much ($) for too little.

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