Globe says Touch 106 FM is "a one time pirate station"?!?!?

Bob Nelson
Thu Jun 6 12:30:46 EDT 2013

Favorite pirate excuses:
"We're an LPFM" (no you're not). I think the Touch site actually said they
were "WTCH-LP" at one point.

"Choice FM 102.9 is WCFM" (which will come as news to the legit Williams
College radio station, WCFM)

"Radio Free Vermont isn't breaking the law because our signal is not going
outside state lines" (After Fybush pointed out RFV, there was a long reply
on rec,radio.broadcasting from the head of RFV claiming that the FCC
handles interstate commerce/broadcasting, and since RFV didn't cross state
lines they were exempt):

(RFV operator): "Title 47 USC Sec 151-153 state that the Federal
Communications Commission was created to regulate interstate and foreign
commerce by radio, and that nothing in 47USC should be construed to give
the FCC jurisdiction over INTRASTATE broadcasts. Go to the FCC's homepage
and see for yourself."

"The FCC doesn't license stations under 100 watts so we went on at 99

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