Globe says Touch 106 FM is "a one time pirate station"?!?!?

Dale H. Cook
Wed Jun 5 18:04:50 EDT 2013

At 02:32 PM 6/5/2013, Don_Astelle wrote:

>The Globe's Adrian Walker referred to Touch 106 FM as a "onetime" pirate radio station.  Another person trying to give it legitimacy or just plain ignorance?
>Does anyone want to write to the Globe's "correction" page and see if they will issue a printed/published aknowledgement of the error?

I have sent in a correction, and I assumed ignorance. Had I assumed attempted legitimacy I would likely have attempted to rip the Globe a new one in my correction, and that probably would not have been well received.

Dale H. Cook, Market Chief Engineer, Centennial Broadcasting, Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA 

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