Herald Radio launches Aug 5th - Jeff Katz and Michael Graham signed up

Sean Smyth ssmyth@psualum.com
Mon Jul 29 10:20:38 EDT 2013

Dan wrote:
> In my personal
> experience, streaming simply is WAY less convenient (the PC--even though
> it's a laptop

This is your fatal mistake, Dan. 

I do almost all of my streaming on my phone. When I'm in the house and listening to the Sox game, I'm streaming it on my iPhone and plugging it into the charging station/speakers. Even at work, I'll stream on my phone (which is connected to the office wireless network, so no data costs) as opposed to streaming through my work computer. It's been months since I've listened to an online stream through a traditional PC.

Will some people listen through their work computer? Sure. I'd say the percentage of BHR's listeners via this method is a fraction of its total audience (insert joke here about an audience of four).

I would love to know the penetration rate of smartphones in the Boston market. I would not be surprised if it were 50 percent -- and it's not just the under-35 crowd using them.

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