Herald Radio launches Aug 5th - Jeff Katz and Michael Graham signed up

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I don't know about "most companies" but where I work has wi-fi transceivers
every 50 feet or so in our entire complex. They are gradually phasing out
wired internet connections: any new purchase of a computer must have wi-fi.
Cuts down on the costs I would think. I see public wi-fi in lots of
places...Dunkin Donuts, pizza shops, many stores, commuter rail. And I
suspect many people may listen to "radio" on their smart phones. I know
SiriusXM has an app to stream their internet radio to smart phones.

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Anyone have any recent, credible figures for listenership to streaming audio
vs OTA radio in the Boston market? If so, can you share? In my personal
experience, streaming simply is WAY less convenient (the PC--even though
it's a laptop--is WAY less portable than a radio). The PC is encumbered by a
zillion wired connections to peripheral devices (external hard drives,
document scanner, printer, DVD drive, etc). I have several radios that are
just, well, radios. Is Wi-Fi sufficiently ubiquitous that you can just plug
a Wi-Fi "radio" into an ac wall socket (or put a battery inside) and expect
to tune in any of hundreds of streaming Internet "radio stations"? And what
company provides the Wi-Fi service and how much (if anything) does the
service cost per month? Can you buy an "Internet Radio for Dummies" book
from Amazon.com? If no such book yet exists, seems like it is sorely needed.
All of the Internet "radios" I've seen advertised appear to assume that 100%
of the potential buyers just know the answers to all of the myriad
connectivity questions. No way is that so.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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> Hey Howie has another option :)
> Jeff Katz will launch a morning drive news talk show that will lead
> into 12 hours of live broadcasting each weekday.
> There will be four shows in all, including "Live from the Newsroom
> with Jeff Katz," "Morning Meeting with Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary
> Chabot," "The Michael Graham Show" and "Sports Town with Jon
> Meterparel and Jen Royle."
> - See more at:

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