No Rating At All For WEEI-AM?

Mark Connelly
Tue Jul 16 21:33:37 EDT 2013

In the car 93.7 holds up fine from metro-Boston down to at least the 
Route 44 exit off Route 3 in Plymouth.  96.3 is fairly usable from 
around the Route 14 exit in Duxbury so I would say that Kingston and at 
least half of Plymouth are adequately served by both 93.7 and 96.3.  On 
the other approach to the Cape, I-495 / 25 / 6 to Bourne Bridge, 103.7 
is useful from I-495 jct. I-95 continuing down 495 into about 
Middleborough.  The Wareham area might be the most tentative spot for 
Sox coverage since 93.7, 96.3, and 103.7 can all be scratchy in certain 
areas.  The New Bedford and Fall River AM's (1420, 1480) are somewhat 
of an option during the day but probably not even as good as WTIC's 
skip at night.

Kevin wrote: "Entercom is finding out that 93.7 has MAJOR holes on the 
shore and 103.7 doesn't help them."

I agree with Jeff's previous comments. I've lived on the South Shore 
for a year
now, and rarely have issues with 93.7.

Also, it seems like 103.7's signal has degraded over the years. When it 
WWRX, I'd be able to pull it in on a Walkman knockoff in Dorchester 
easily. Now?
I can't get it in the car much north of the split. My understanding is 
the stick
is in the same spot, too.

I'm not sure of 96.3's directional situation, but it seems like it 
fills in more
holes on the South Shore (namely Plymouth) than 103.7 does, and I can 
get a
decent signal on it as far north as Bridgewater.

As far as the original topic, 850 WEEI AM, its signal here in South 
Yarmouth is inferior to two of the other Boston 50 kW's (680 WRKO, 1030 
WBZ) and not even as good as 590 WEZE and daytime 950 WROL, both of 
which are only 5 kW.

They would probably book better ratings if Bob Bittner moved WJIB's 
programming over there or if someone gave it the WMEX callsign with 
1955-1985 oldies.

I have also read that a Montreal area station may reactivate on 850.  
That certainly won't help things for WEEI in west suburbia.  I remember 
the old French Canadian making mincemeat out of then-WHDH along 495 in 
the Littleton area,  a region that would have been considered "deep 
boonies" in the '50s but quite metro-Boston in current real-estate 

Mark Connelly
South Yarmouth, MA

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