No Rating At All For WEEI-AM?

Sid Schweiger
Tue Jul 16 07:01:06 EDT 2013

"Could the ratings for WEEI-AM have been combined with ratings for WEEI-FM?"

No.  See below.

"How many who were called and asked what station they were listening to know the difference?"

All ratings data in the top 48 Arbitron markets is collected electronically, via the Personal People Meter (PPM), a device slightly larger than the late lamented pocket pager.  No more diaries, no more phone calls. Stations sub-audibly encode their audio, using equipment supplied by Arbitron and carrying a unique identifier for each station, and the PPM picks up the data stream.  At the end of each day, the PPM is placed in a dock which is connected to a phone line, and the data is sent to Arbitron.

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