New WBZ-TV Weatherman Featured In TWC Doc

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jul 3 13:13:20 EDT 2013

Eric Fisher, the new Chief Meteorologist at WBZ-TV ( WBZ-TV is known for REPORTERS with long tenures,
weather men and women, not so much lately) Eric Fisher, was a prominent personage in a recent Weather Channel
documentary: "Weather That Changed History/Thunderstorm in Washington, DC". During the setup, re-enactors
of the War of 1812 went through some of the maneuvers the British employed when they attacked the
Nation's Capital in 1814. In the second-half, Eric described how the Potomac region's mid-August weather
might be conducive to tornadic activity. He was on-screen for several minutes displaying how 2X4s shot out
of a gun at 120 mph could level a wooden building or shatter into pieces on a brick structure. It's the
practice of TWC to run through some weather-themed documentaries, then set them aside for a
while, only to return weeks later. The run for this particular doc seems to over (but there are
other "Weather That Changed History" episodes scheduled for this weekend. TWC also had a little
going-away party for Eric this past Monday morning at 10:00 am that I happened to
watch because we in the Northeast were having Floridian heat & humidity and a possibility of
severe weather later (which did materialize). They showed Eric knee deep in snow (or clavicle-deep
on Shelby Scott)in another city, or hanging on to something solid during a hurricane: the usual stuff.
I assume he'll stand in front of the giant LED or plasma screen during storms while the usual gang of
reporters will stand by the side of the road sticking a ruler into the snow and such as.

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