Jen Brien gets WBZ (AM)'s overnight and Louise Morgan query

Bob Nelson
Mon Jul 1 10:40:45 EDT 2013

Good point, though I still am left wondering why they bothered to get the
WFNX calls for the 99.9 and other than a reported liner of "We're 99.9 per
cent WFNX", are not making use of them the way they could. Indeed, music
not the same but WXRV uses "Boston's Independent Radio" slogan and some
folks who may have listened to FNX before might find one of their old
favorites popping up on 92.5/99.9 (like XTC Generals and Majors from 80s)

I do believe at least one FNX personality was or is at 92.5, Joanne Doody;

Yes, I don't think the latter day FNX image would jell with The River--if
anything the sale of the station whose parent paper allied with the Occupy
movement, to _Clear Channel_ of all people, was a bit shocking!-- but the
image of "non-corporate, non-mainstream" media may be what they have in

On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 9:12 AM, Shawn Mamros <> wrote:

> >To capitalize on the reputation WFNX had at 101.7..these days some say
> call
> >letters aren't important, but why did Greater get the calls WROR for
> 105.7?
> >Why did some stations here and elsewhere (Vermont) grab WMEX? While WFNX
> >and what WXRV plays may not necessarily be the same, it's still
> alternative
> >(maybe 92.5 is "adult album alternative"). [...]
> The River is very much AAA, and very different from what WFNX was.  WFNX
> was definitely aiming at a much younger audience.  The River plays songs
> all the way back from the late 60s / early 70s timeframe to today.  WFNX
> never played anything as old as The River's oldest stuff.
> I used to be a regular 'FNX listener, but sometime around the 2001-03
> timeframe, they changed over to a bunch of younger DJs who were far
> more abrasive than the "classic" 'FNX gang, and the music started getting
> to be grating to my ears as well.  That was when I found The River, and
> I never switched back after that.  Were 92.5 to switch to the WFNX calls,
> I'd consider that to be a negative development, honestly.
> -Shawn

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