Jen Brien gets WBZ (AM)'s overnight and Louise Morgan query

Shawn Mamros
Mon Jul 1 09:12:16 EDT 2013

>To capitalize on the reputation WFNX had at 101.7..these days some say call
>letters aren't important, but why did Greater get the calls WROR for 105.7?
>Why did some stations here and elsewhere (Vermont) grab WMEX? While WFNX
>and what WXRV plays may not necessarily be the same, it's still alternative
>(maybe 92.5 is "adult album alternative"). [...]

The River is very much AAA, and very different from what WFNX was.  WFNX
was definitely aiming at a much younger audience.  The River plays songs
all the way back from the late 60s / early 70s timeframe to today.  WFNX
never played anything as old as The River's oldest stuff.

I used to be a regular 'FNX listener, but sometime around the 2001-03
timeframe, they changed over to a bunch of younger DJs who were far
more abrasive than the "classic" 'FNX gang, and the music started getting
to be grating to my ears as well.  That was when I found The River, and
I never switched back after that.  Were 92.5 to switch to the WFNX calls,
I'd consider that to be a negative development, honestly.


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