Attorney Chase
Wed Feb 13 13:30:26 EST 2013


I always knew you were an old codger, but I didn't think you went that far 
back! The convention was invented c. 1500 bce in  Mesopotamia and Ancient 

That's when they started using ante meridian for before noon (with the 12 
which stood in for the zero being labeled on timetables as am meaning 
midnight which was before noon. See

On the subject of referral to the Internet for the full school closings, on 
Saturday Comcast (the cable provider for Fall River) apparently lost a node 
and city was down from about 3 am (sic) to 5 pm (sic).

It turns out radio is still the last best mass communication medium when 
everything else goes down. (This is why changes in the rules to allow a 
local station not to provide for local needs was dumb.)

Bob Chase

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> Many things are changed by the needs of technology.  When I was in
> school, I learned that noon was 12:00 AM and midnight was 12:00 PM.
> Since the proliferation of digital devices, it has been the opposite.

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