Globe: sources say Ordway to be replaced

Bob Nelson
Wed Feb 13 20:45:45 EST 2013

Interesting about poss of sports to 1200; I had thought CC might try it to
get Fox Sports cleared but figured low budget comedy would be staying a bit
longer... this would be the fifth all sports station in town if 1200 were
to flip. And would CC spring for a local host like him? Then again we have
seen the idea of sports talk trumping political gab.

Heck some say stations like 98.5 hurt WTKK...  A couple of people have told
me they like 1200 comedy but sports may bill better. But again, a fifth
sports talker..?

On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
> My guess is both.
> I have been told the station LOST $ 3M in 2012 ( Red Sox contract is
> them )
> The irony here is many of the people at 98.5 got their start on the Big
> Show.
> WEEI had an out clause in his contract if ratings tanked and I think he
> a victim of the Red Sox collapse as fans just did not want to hear Sox
> I suspect we will hear from Glenn shortly. I would not be shocked if Clear
> Channel works out something with him on 1200 and then bring in FOX Sports.
> The comedy thing isn't working.
> On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 5:10 PM, Donna Halper <> wrote:
>> It's a done deal. Glenn said goodbye on air, evidently, and his new
>> replacement is on the way-- so is it a salary dump?  Or is it WEEI trying
>> to re-image itself?  Or both?

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