Boston radio and school closing/delay announcements

Sean Smyth
Tue Feb 12 21:32:14 EST 2013

Ari wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm wondering if this is the end of an era. Over the last few days, I 
> noticed that WBZ AM did not list all cities and towns that cancelled or delayed 
> school opening. Instead, listeners were referred to the web site. School delays 
> and closings always seemed like a public service that is well-served by radio, 
> especially given significant power outages in the region. Are battery-powered 
> radios no longer ubiquitous or it is assumed that everyone has battery-powered 
> web-enabled devices or schools provide reverse 911-like service?
> In Providence, I noticed that WPRO AM continues to list all cities and towns on 
> a regular basis (enter memories of Salty Brine saying "no school Foster 
> Glocester").
> Are other markets trending away from this practice too?

I don't know about other markets, but it has been WBZ's M.O. for at least this winter season, and possibly longer.

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