Michael Graham to be on WCRN, 3 other stations

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 10:43:54 EST 2013

You can't totally go by the radio-locator maps but I had checked them
out (and posted links to them on Graham's site). WCRN's main signal
(day) only reaches out to the west end of the 128 belt, while the
distant covers a wide swath from Springfield to the ocean. On the
North Shore, WCRN does come in but it's not a primo signal,
at least in my car.The "fringe" signal does include parts of VT, NH, a
small bit of ME, RI, and CT, but again we're talking fringe. (Part of
"distant" may reach some of these.)

WESO reaches parts of MA, RI, and CT. WPLM (day) reaches Plymouth and
the Cape with its "local" signal and the distant signal reaches a
swath going from
Beverly down to  Norwood, while WBNW's distant signal will reach
Fitchburg, Boston, Worcester and Brockton. On radio-locator, the local
is confined by a red
mark, distant by purple, and fringe by blue.

But keep in mind this is very optimistic groundwave coverage and you
have to factor in interference and workplace-listening situations.
When the time came for the Big Announcement, I found I could only pick
up WCRN on my clock radio when I unplugged my cell phone, which was

Ultimately the signals involved will be "OK, yeah it comes in, kinda"
more than a real gangbusters signal, but it will depend where you are.
It won't be as powerful as
WRKO or the 96.9 signal

So, they may not reach Boston proper with a LOCAL signal, but the next
category, DISTANT does qualify. And yes it will reach all 6 New
England states but only portions of them, and not that strong. It's
kind of like when I go to Rutland, VT and try to pick up Howie's show
on WVMT. That starts to fade; I try WRKO, and
stations in Binghamton and Baltimore are crowding him out. WCRN will come in,
faintly.(As will an FM from NH) So yes, they reach New England's 6
states but only in part and it depends
on where you are and what type of radio you have. Some at work may find they're
better off tuning into the stream via computer or smart phone.

> I note that none of those stations reach Boston proper, so I wonder among other things if he will bail as soon as he gets an offer from a real Boston station.  Also, in calling this the New England Talk Network they are ignoring that New England consists of six states, not just greater Boston or just Massachusetts.  Or are there plans for further expansion?
> Larry Weil
> Lake Wobegone, NH

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