Michael Graham to be on WCRN, 3 other stations

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 10:49:22 EST 2013

I will add that yes for some, if you're quite near the sticks of these
four stations, yes it will come in great and maybe even great at your
workplace, but don't expect miracles. I would compare it also to when
Clear Channel put cons. talk on 1200. Yes it came in here in Beverly
both day at night, half decently, but many complained about not
getting it as well as a WRKO or a WBZ and for some it didn't come it
at all, especially after sunset. And this was after the tower
move/increase for WXKS (AM).

And what comes in on your car radio isn't necessarily the strength
you'll  get on a cheap walkman or in your workplace--hence, the
smartphone/Net option.

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