The WJIB signal

Mark Watson
Sat Aug 31 08:42:20 EDT 2013

Chris Hall wrote:

>740 Toronto was playing 50’s rock and roll with some 50’s >MOR and suddenly 
>taking over quite strongly was Vaughn >Monroe singing “Dance Ballerina 
>Dance” followed by a >version of Blue Velvet not by Bobby Vinton it was 
>WJIB at >5 watts giving CFZM a run for its money 45 miles from >Boston, not 
>bad I would say.

I've picked up WJIB on it's 5 watts in Lowell on some Summer nights in the 
past. I've also heard 740 Toronto dominate WJIB's 5 watts on I-93 North 
coming out of the Tip O'Neill Tunnel on Winter nights. I've read somehwere 
(probably in a post here perhaps) that low power AM signals tend to go 
further in the Summer then Winter.

Mark Watson 

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