The WJIB signal

Eli Polonsky
Sat Aug 31 15:04:34 EDT 2013

On a night when the 740 Toronto skywave wan't strong,
I heard five watt WJIB faintly but listenably in the
parking lot of what was then the Tweeter Center (now
Comcast Center, originally Great Woods) in Mansfield,

Speaking of low-power nighttime authorizations, I've
noticed that WNTN, Newton now appears to be granted 
three watts at night!

Does anyone know whether they've actually been using 
this authority? I'll have to check the next time I'm
in the area at night. There are some days when they 
don't even fill out their allowed full-power daytime 
schedule all the way until sunset and sign off early.

Their website schedule claims some online streaming
only programming after sunset. If that is actually 
happening, maybe that programming is now also being 
broadcast on the air with three watts.


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