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To me, this brings up the following questions: If a station were to hire
55-year-old people for its sales force (on the theory that 55 year-old sales
people likely understand 55-year-old listeners better than do younger sales
people), would an obviously older radio-station sales person who goes out
on a sales call to a potential advertiser get beyond the advertiser's front
lobby? Now, assuming that the advertiser has a showroom as well as a lobby
and the radio-station sales person visits the showroom, do the advertiser's
sales personnel simply ignore the 55-year-old radio-time sales person? I
can't believe that an advertiser would turn away a potential customer who
had enough $$$ to buy the advertiser's product simply because the potential
customer appeared "too old." OK, maybe if the advertiser sells motorcycles
and the motorcycle salesman figures the time salesman will kill himself if
he tries to ride a motorcycle... But if the advertiser sells cars, how 
likely is it that the advertiser's sales person is going to worry about 
losing sales if a 55-year-old time salesman is seen driving one of the cars?

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> On 8/22/2013 1:44 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> A long term staffer at WODS told me that the station died because the
>> CBS/Boston sales staff (which is 100% commission ) had no clue how to
>> sell
>> to an older demo.
> This conversation reminds me of the one that was had about the old WJIB.
> Back when "beautiful music" was number one, supposedly the format died
> because it was no longer salable-- except it still had big numbers in many
> cities. Trouble is, they were "the wrong numbers"-- 

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