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Isn't the main reason for radio advertisers going with younger demos is the
'brand loyalty' factor where a 25 year old is still 'ripe for the picking'
but a 55 year old (myself for example) are always buying Colgate or
Coca-Cola or Chevrolets or Westinghouse, etc etc and are not worth trying to
advertise to, as either their already buying your product, or (especially
for established items like cars or soda or toothpaste) they aren't about to
switch. Really, isn't that why talk stations (generally an older demo) are
all about ED products or prostate control products as those are "new" items
of need for the 50-somethings...

-Paul H

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>>> A long term staffer at WODS told me that the station died because the
>>> CBS/Boston sales staff (which is 100% commission ) had no clue how to
>>> sell
>>> to an older demo.

To that let me ask....

What do you do when you approach an agency/advertiser about your station and
the first thing out of their mouth is:  "Please sumbmit your 25-54 ratings
for the past 4 months/books."

They have already decided where their target demo is....and you are put into
the position of telling that is NOT what they want?   Talk about starting
off on the wrong foot.

>From what I can see agencies and advertisers don't mind the upper
demos......they just don't want to pay a premium price for them when they
know that 80% of the people walking into their store are below 55.

>>I personally am disgusted at Madison Avenue's disdain for older demos.

A station could probably target 55+ sucessfully, but they would have to
accept a lower rate and smaller billing.  When FM's are going for $70-80
Million dollars as an asset, it's hard to justify it.

If you buy a station for $75 million, you need to post more than a million
dollars in profit, or else you might as well put your money into a
safe-secure FDIC insured CD.  ;-)

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